Abstract Expressionism

As both a movement and a style, Abstract Expressionism has proved enduring. If we took an analogy from biology class, Abstract Expressionism would be a class falling within the greater phylum of Abstraction. Not all Abstraction is Abstract Expressionism. The first completely non-objective abstract paintings have typically been credited to Wassily Kandinsky in 1910 — who became the leading figure of German Expressionism. However, several years earlier in Sweden, Hilma af Klint was creating non-objective paintings. Both had a deeply spiritual approach to the creation of art. After World War II ended in 1945, another war was won: New York artists — with their bold new approaches to the non-objective and spearheaded by Pollock’s drip action style — wrested away from the School of Paris the title of capitol of the art world.

Aage Hogfeldt
  • The Artist’s WWII Still Life
  • Memories of Ocean Voyages
  • Untitled abstraction in reds, yellows, browns, and glitter
Iria Leino
  • This Morning it Happened
  • Hope
  • Jealousy
Igor Gorsky
  • Untitled from the Pour Series (No.1) 1992
  • Untitled from the Pour Series (No.2) 1994
  • Untitled from the Pour Series (No.3) 1994
Linus Coraggio
  • Blackdrop III (a collaboration with Al Diaz and Anthony Haden-Guest)
  • Pinstripe Intersections
  • Blackdrop II
Francis Hines
  • Untitled, from the Mutagenesis Series (No.139)
  • Untitled, from the Hoboken Autobody Series (No.1050)
  • Untitled, from the Hoboken Autobody Series (No.604),
Harry Bertschmann
  • Petits M
  • Ritual No.2
  • Untitled, from the Magnolia Series
Beverly Brodsky
  • Wind and Sand
  • White Flower
  • Twilight at the River
Reid Stowe
  • Blown Out, Hand-Stitched Rum Smuggler Sail on Green
  • Primitive Bird Optical Altar
  • Blue Sails
Tom McNease
  • Untitled Abstraction
  • Encountered Briefly
  • Untitled
Stewart Hitch
  • Road Rocket
  • Schenevus
  • Untitled
Fuller Potter
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
Tom Blodgett
  • Untitled
  • Twilight Birds
  • Untitled
Simon Samsonian
  • Together, Cairo
  • The Memory of the Valley
  • Eyes
Gil Cuatrecasas
  • Arachnoids
  • Cosmic Rays
  • Fantasies
Joan Thorne
  • Ranakapur