Visionary denotes artists expressing themes of transcendence, mysticism, alchemy, and the sacred. Much of their imagery can be seen as Surrealism owing to its dreamlike and unearthly qualities. However, visionaries also produce non-objective abstraction. Some may be Outsiders while many have been academically trained.

Tom Blodgett
  • Early surrealism series: Salmon
  • Early surrealism series: “Gifts”
  • Early surrealism series: “Hi Tom!”
Joseph Bartnikowski
  • Phonebook Page 1294
Yisrael K. Feldsott
  • Songs of War
  • Arrivals in the Time Before Time
  • Master of Game, the Law and the Hunted
Joan Thorne
  • Jarabaco
Ed Nelson
  • Photo-Genetic No.5
  • Photo-Genetic No.6
  • Photo-Genetic No.4
Alfred Nicholson
  • Untitled Landscape No.53
  • Untitled Landscape No.54
  • Untitled Landscape No.49