Figurative Expressionism

Concurrent with Abstract Expressionism were groups of artists in major cities embracing the human figure as the source of inspiration in their imagery. This was also both a movement and a style in Boston, Chicago, and New York — but its epicenter is largely considered the San Francisco Bay Area.

Norman Gulamerian
  • Casting Lots
  • The Deposition
  • Christ in the Grove
Marco Sassone
  • We Are Mannequins
  • Tim Bare Land
  • ThongSandals
Tom Blodgett
  • Self Portrait
  • My Self
  • Self Portrait
Don ZanFagna
  • Cyborg Notes No.60
Rex Ashlock
  • When the tide comes in… (verso)
  • Two Swimmers, Double Horizon
Joseph Bartnikowski
  • Outbuildings in Snow, February
  • Trumpet Player in Café
  • Trumpet and Sax
Paedra Bramhall
  • BDSM: Diane
  • BDSM: A Bell
  • BDSM: Wrist Cuffs