Like Abstraction, Surrealism is another large category that began as a movement and endured as a style. This imagery is bizarre, unearthly, even weird but it is always based on realism. Think Dalì’s melting clocks. Or the impossibility of Magritte’s men in suits raining from the sky.

Walter Quirt
  • White Seated Figure
  • Woman of Sorrows
  • Untitled Lake Harriet
Paul Forte
  • Artist’s Breath
  • Cold Light of Day
  • Caged Spring
Daniel Ambrosi
  • Oeschinensee, No.3
  • Japanese Tea Garden, No.2
  • Japanese Tea Garden, No.1
Tom Blodgett
  • Open Window on a Windy Night
  • Portrait Series: Woman with Sea Creatures
  • Ghostland Series: Grass Ghosts Play Hide and Seek on Halloween Morning
Rafal Olbinski
  • Third Dimension of Time (antique clock)
  • The Virtue of Amiguity