Watercolors & Drawings

Tom McNease
  • The Pain of Retreat
Fuller Potter
  • Untitled
Tom Blodgett
  • Open Window on a Windy Night
  • Twilight Birds
  • Portrait Series: Woman with Sea Creatures
Matthew Troyan
  • Women
  • An Artist’s Chair
Pietro Antonio Narducci
  • Untitled (from the Quintessential Aesthetics series)
  • Untitled (from the Quintessential Aesthetics series)
  • Untitled (from the Quintessential Aesthetics series)
Simon Samsonian
  • Untitled (Abstraction)
  • Untitled (Abstraction)
  • Untitled (Abstraction)
Don ZanFagna
  • Manhattan Project: Mural for Greenwich Village No.128
  • Manhattan Project: World Trade Center – Robot Legs No.177
  • Pulse Dome No.31
Rex Ashlock
  • Swimmer
  • Seascape
  • Nude on Beach
Leo Jensen
  • White Eagle 5
  • Yankees Baseball Player
  • Secrets of a Home Run Hitter (study)
Joseph Bartnikowski
  • Nude (reclining)
  • Nude (on stool)
  • Nude (profile torso)
Geoffrey Moss
  • Inappropriate Appropriations drawing No.61
  • Inappropriate Appropriations drawing No.60
  • Inappropriate Appropriations drawing No.52
Paedra Bramhall
  • BDSM: Diane
  • BDSM: A Bell
  • BDSM: Wrist Cuffs
Yisrael K. Feldsott
  • Mantra of Protection
  • Liberation of Woman
  • The Angel Who Has Fallen
Kevan Jenson
  • Untitled
Richard Timperio
  • Untitled, No.10
  • Untitled, No.12
  • Untitled, No.13
Wayne Ensrud
  • Goddess Series: Yes
  • Crouching Nude
  • Goddess Series: God
Arthur Pinajian
  • Untitled Landscape, Woodstock (No.4398)
  • Untitled Landscape, Woodstock (No.4386)
Ed Nelson
  • Photo-Genetic No.5
  • Photo-Genetic No.6
  • Photo-Genetic No.4
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