Paul Forte
  • Emergent Self
  • Equation
  • Dark Web
Joseph Amar
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
William O. Fredericksen
  • Untitled (Abstract composition, Red Center)
  • Untitled (Abstract composition, Concorsi)
  • Untitled (Abstract composition, SIEOU)
Don ZanFagna
  • Manhattan Project: Scale
  • Manhattan Project: The Great Mound
  • Manhattan Project: Moving Hard for Manhattan
Leo Jensen
  • Study for Lobster
  • Study for Zipster
  • Study for Football Machine
Harry Bertschmann
  • Untitled, from the Haiku Series No.39
  • Untitled, from the Haiku Series No.41
  • Untitled, from the Haiku Series No.37
Sophie Aston
  • Interruption No.24
  • Interruption No.3
  • Interruption No.23
Rex Ashlock
  • Nude Study No.5
  • Nude Study No.4
  • Nude Study No.3