Yisrael K. Feldsott Synopsis

That Feldsott's supercharged paintings bring something new, brash, vital and exciting into the generally self-conscious, sometimes even precious realm of contemporary American art should not surprise us. They ask us, urgently, to reconsider the role of the metaphysical in our lives and art in a graver, more demanding way than much of the fluff that is today passed off as “spiritual,” and to which they offer a much-needed antidote.

We are easily seduced by the pleasures of entertainment, whether lowbrow escapism in the theater or the froth of frankly elitist intellectual byplay in the highbrow art galleries. And we forget the need to examine our own lives, if we are to live them fully. It is refreshing, in this cultural climate, to come upon an artist whose work engages heart and soul as rigorously as Feldsott’s.

— Peter Clothier