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The Importance of Art Dealer-Scholars

The Importance of Art Dealer-Scholars

The best of art-dealing and art historical scholarship are reinforcing, not antithetical. The eye of the art dealer-scholar comes with the ability to discern true innovation that emerged from particular periods, movements, or styles.  There are numerous examples of museum curators joining with gallery owners to mount significant exhibitions. Historically, the exemplar nonpareil is Paul...

July 25, 2019July 25, 2019
Peter Selz [1919–2019] — Et exaltatum memoriam

Peter Selz [1919–2019] — Et exaltatum memoriam

Peter Selz was the youngest 100-year-old I ever knew. He remained sharp as a tack. His insatiable visual appetite meant he was constantly digesting images — but he only opined when he sensed an innovative spirit.  He was the exemplar of what it means to be an art historian: “It’s a profession from which one...

June 25, 2019June 25, 2019
An Insider’s View on Valuing Art

An Insider’s View on Valuing Art

We love it when our elected artists like Eugene Healy continue to find warm receptions from serious collectors. Healy’s work will be featured in Peter Hastings Falk’s illustrated talk, “An Insider’s View on Valuing Art” When:  Tuesday, June 18th from 6-8 pm. The evening will start with cocktails at 6:00 pm and the talk will begin promptly...

June 13, 2019June 13, 2019
Managing Artists’ Collections

Managing Artists’ Collections

The Starting Point for Practical Advice. Decades should not have to pass before artists or their heirs consider practical strategies to preserve and promote a life’s work and archive. The Dumpster is not a legacy option. Therefore, the big question looms: To whom can artists or their heirs turn for advice? Discoveries in American Art...

May 23, 2019May 29, 2019
This  Month’s Insider’s View: Science versus Provenance

This Month’s Insider’s View: Science versus Provenance

The art world is pretty sophisticated when it comes to establishing authenticity. The first step sees the professional sellers — dealers and auctioneers — engaging a triumvirate of experts who provide stylistic interpretation, provenance, and condition reports. An art historian who is the leading expert on the artist examines the work and anoints it as...

March 12, 2019May 10, 2019
“Bertschmann: The 1950s” at Hollis Taggart

“Bertschmann: The 1950s” at Hollis Taggart

Hollis Taggart Provides New Look at Little-Known Abstract Expressionist Painter On View through March 30, 2019 Opening Reception, March 7, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM On March 7, Hollis Taggart will open Harry Bertschmann: The 1950s, an exhibition that sheds new light on the little-known Abstract Expressionist painter Harry Bertschmann. The exhibition will feature works...

March 2, 2019March 2, 2019

Hollis Taggart

Hollis Taggart’s mission has not wavered since he founded his gallery in 1979: “There is great art out there, beyond obvious brand names. It inspires and motivates us to bring awareness to these newly-discovered artists who warrant deeper examination.” For four decades Hollis Taggart has maintained a deep commitment to scholarship in producing the gallery’s...

March 2, 2019April 2, 2019

Artprice has clearly lived up to its headline as “the world leader in art market information.” Every month, a whopping 2.7 million visitors search the world’s largest database, which by early 2019 had documented 12,127,500 artworks created by more than 702,156 artists as offered by 6,300 auction houses — and those numbers are increasing daily....

January 25, 2019January 26, 2019
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