Saul Ostrow

Saul is an independent curator and Art Editor at Large for Bomb Magazine. He’s the former Chair of Visual Arts and Technologies at The Cleveland Institute of Art [2002-2012]. In 2011 he founded Critical Practices Inc. with the mission of providing platforms for the exchange of the diverse points of views necessary for the evaluation of the current critical, theoretical, and practical objectives that impact innovation in the arts. Its principle programs are: 21stPropects, which sponsors viewings of artists’ works in a domestic setting and LaTableRonde, which organizes roundtable discussions on cultural issues.

Previously, Saul served as Co-Editor of Lusitania Press [1996-2004] and as the Editor of the book series Critical Voices in Art, Theory, and Culture [1996- 2006] published by Routledge, London. As a curator he has organized over 70 exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad. His critical writings have appeared internationally in art magazines, journals, catalogues, and books.

Since 2008 he and the artist, Charles Tucker, have collaborated on a project in which they seek to construct a quantifiable “systems-network” by which to analyze the subject and content of artworks. In 2012, he began a series of collaborative projects with the artist Lidija Slavkovic, titled “An Ambition” that focuses on the structural and psychological issues concerning “how images signify?” In 2017 he became a Founding Partner in Art Legacy Planning, LLC.