Carl Murray

Carl is a Founder and Managing Partner of Alto Palo, where websites are created with the objectives of stimulating and retaining users by combining engaging design with clarity of communication. He traces his approach to a love of architecture since he was a boy growing up in London and visiting Roman ruins throughout Europe. While later training in architecture at Syracuse University, Carl soon realized that significant websites, like great buildings in history, require a structure of sound design and enduring clarity in order to most effectively resonate. Only then could his clients negotiating the digital world achieve a crucial benefit — effective branding on a global scale.

Carl’s background in architecture has generated a unique perspective, one that pervades his design and management of digital spaces and user experiences. He approaches the user experience (UX design) as an architect would the tangible bones of a building — and he approaches the user interface (UI design) as an interior architect would the design of living spaces. In contrast, most website developers lack the ability to think three-dimensionally when adapting clients’ concepts to the two-dimensional screen.

Carl has helped many businesses by first understanding their actual needs, which he then develops into clear expressions of their passions — the very essence of branding. He is also CMO and Partner in Art Frankly, a website dedicated to posting jobs and spaces in the art world.