Top 5 Best Rated Cosmetic-Makeup Brush Companies to Shop From

Sigma is good for starters, beginners and possibly intermediate hobbyists who need a full collection for a semi-affordable price. Their individual brushes can cost anywhere from $9.00 to $14.00 and many of them are sold in sets. Although Sigma is sometimes said to be a dupe for MAC, most professional makeup artists will say that Sigma brushes are made for nonprofessional use. Some of their cosmetic brushes are synthetic while others are made from natural hairs, but they have a special Vegan collection for those who like cruelty free products. There have been a lot of reports that their face brushes shed a lot when you wash them, that they bleed a bit and a few customers have reported that their brushes do not match the reviews on YouTube and Amazon. But all around, most people are happy with their brushes since they aren’t that expensive. If you are a little picky, you may want to consider buying a premium set from Sigma, then upgrade to MAC brush by brush.

MAC – Price Range: $13 to $80 per brush:

MAC brushes are professional grade products that last a long time and shed a lot less than other brands. Although there are reviews comparing MAC to Sigma, most MAC users will attest that they are completely different. Their brushes may feel a bit stiff or springy but you should get used to them as you improve your application techniques. Be weary of buying non-authentic MAC brushes on eBay. For more information on buying authentic brushes from MAC, visit your local MAC store or contact them on Facebook, Twitter or their official website.

e.l.f. Studio Brushes – Price Range: $3.00 to $8.00 per brush:

Elf Studio Brushes are great for travelers and hobbyists alike who are interested in buying brushes at an affordable price. If you are you looking for more regarding best makeup & cosmetics online shop look into our own web site. The company is known for their 50% off sales and free shipping deals so be sure to search for coupon codes on Google before you buy. Most users have reported minimal shedding but there have been reports of bad batches with the wrong brushes, a brush with a loose ferrule or a bad chemical odor eliminating from brush handles. The brush sets retail for $30.00 but can be bought for $15.00. A lot of first time buyers become repeat customers.