Thinking of Installing a Copper Range Hoods in Your Kitchen

For most of us the kitchen is a very popular room in our home. Families enjoy cooking together and around the holidays everyone is in the kitchen helping with the preparations. It is nice to make that room as comfortable and pleasant as possible. These range hoods will add that feeling to your home.

One of the most important features of a kitchen is the hood because it seems to be the focal point of that room. These hoods are usually handcrafted so you can add a touch of your own personality and style to them. There are traditional styles as well but no matter what you choose they will give your kitchen that rustic, country feeling that is very welcoming.

When shopping for a hood, make sure you get one that will cover the size of your cooking area. You should also try find one that can be installed as close to your stove top as possible to get the most efficiency from the venting power. Don’t worry about the noise, they have come a long way in the design of ventilation systems and most are very quiet to run.

When copper, brass and bronze are allowed to age gracefully in their natural state without an applied protective coating it is referred to as a living finish. Many manufacturers will only sell these metals in their natural state. That’s because these metals will oxidize with each use adding uniqueness and character with each passing year. For more info in regards to 48 inch range hood take a look at our site. To slow down these natural changes you can apply peanut oil or beeswax.